Content Slider Module for Joomla! 1.5

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csm This module slides content items out of a certain category from the right to the left side. It makes use of the popular jQuery library and is designed not to interfere with javascript frameworks.


If you look for a simple way to spice up your website, give it a shot!


Supports Joomfish. Requires Joomla! 1.5.


16.04.2012 UPDATE: New version 1.5 available!


You can customize the module through the many parameters or you may also alter the css file of the module. Feel free to have as many modules as you wish on your page. It is designed not to interfere with multiple instances of itself.





Version History:


Version 1.5

  • Added option to run content plugins on loaded articles
  • Updated jQuery to 1.7.2

DOWNLOAD: 38.02 KB 16/04/2012, 12:47


Version 1.4

  • Fixed unclosed H1 tag
  • updated jquery tools and jquery

DOWNLOAD: 28.94 KB 09/03/2011, 12:45 


Version 1.3

  • New: Added Option to link titles to content item (ItemID can be set)

DOWNLOAD: 25.61 Kb 03/05/2010, 15:55

PATCH: 2.80 Kb 03/05/2010, 15:55


Version 1.2

  • Fixed: 2 possible notices removed if error_reporting is set to 1

DOWNLOAD: 25.35 Kb 21/02/2010, 19:35

PATCH: 2.54 Kb 21/02/2010, 19:35


Version 1.1

  • New: Option added to turn on/off cursor keys to browse through the slides. If you have a form on your site, you may consider turning the browsing function off.
  • New: Added option to set the transition time of the animation.


DOWNLOAD: 25.37 Kb 03/02/2010, 11:53

PATCH: 2.54 Kb 03/02/2010, 11:52

(Just extract it into the root of your Joomla! installation. Be sure that you don't have a different slidermodule installed which uses the same module path.)


Version 1.0

  • Category to select items from
  • Unique ID: css class which can be used to style the module
  • Amount of time after the slide changes
  • Module width
  • Module height
  • Randomize the items in the category
  • Show/Hide the titles of the content items
  • If jQuery is already integrated in your website you may choose to skip loading the library


DOWNLOAD: 25.19 Kb 11/12/2009, 13:03