Paymo Counter for Android 1.01
Freitag, den 17. September 2010 um 11:37 Uhr

How to get it ...

The Paymo Counter is available on the android market. Just search for "paymo".


What it is ...

- a very first test version of the app
- intended to track time for existing projects
- offers option to add tasks to a project


What it is not ...

- a sophisticated release app.
- a offline app. Requires internet access at ANY point of time or the tracked time will be lost.
- an extensive Paymo project, task(list) and client manager.

How to obtain your API Key

Logon to your Paymo account and click on "Download Desktop Widget" in the upper right corner. The next page displays your personal Company License Key (API Key).



The app does not use any update or delete actions of the paymo API, so no harm can be done.
However, I do not overtake any responsibilities for damages caused by the app.


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